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“Properly trained, a man can be a dog’s best friend.” Corey Ford

Are you looking for quality dog training?  Look no further!  Through working with Muckyhound, you, together with your dog, can build on a strong relationship through training in a safe and fun environment.  Take a minute to browse through our website and then give us a call.  We would absolutely love to make things simpler and easier for you and your dog to have a safe, fun and happy life together!

Muckyhound is headed up by Jo Malherbe, an experienced and highly qualified dog trainer and behaviour technician.  At Muckyhound we base our training programs and behaviour work on scientific training theories with positive reinforcement forming the foundation of all our work.

At Muckyhound dog training  we pursue one simple goal: to show and teach dog owners how to get the very best from their dogs and puppies. A trained family dog is a pleasure to be around which makes it easy to enjoy a happy, exciting and loving life together.

We believe that training really needs to be entertaining for both dog and owner. We use effective reward based practices tailored to all family members, whatever the age or physical ability.  No matter how old your dog is we have the right solution – be it puppy or adult training classes or where appropriate a tailored one-to-one behaviour program.

Check out  our services below or browse the menu on top.

Muckyhound Dog Training Classes

Muckyhound dog training covers a variety of areas from teaching basic obedience through to clicker training. Our Good Behaviour Program is a fantastic place to start off. Click here to read more.

Has your dog unwanted behaviours? Muckyhound can work with you through one to one, tailored behaviour programs.  Read more here

Give your puppy the best chance in life! We offer fun Puppy Learn & Play  training sessions,  teaching basic household manners and covering wide range of important areas.  Click here to find out more.

  • Testimonials

    -- Susan & Lady (The Dog!) "Lady is doing great and has been so more settled and less fearful on her walks in park.  We followed your instructions and the distraction & avoidance technique has worked well. On one walk, an unleashed dog approached her and she was calm and at other times, as instructed,  I just advised the other dog owner that she bites which seems to make them cop on and get their dog away...she is hugely improved thanks to your help - it was invaluable as was learning to understand what triggered her lurching and snarling"  


  • Testimonials

    -- Adele Kenna "Chief (Rottweiler) and I have had a one-on-one session and attended puppy learn and play. He also attends doggy day care twice a week, even though I'm at home, so he can socialise with plenty of other dogs. I can't begin to tell you how much we have both gained from this experience. He is already the sweetest, most well-behaved and social puppy thanks to all the advice and training we have received at Muckyhound. I'll be recommending you to everyone I know."

    Adele Kenna,

  • Testimonials

    -- Caroline Whelan "Kaiser has done his puppy training.....and has turned out to be one of the best dogs to focus. His "sit" and "stay" have come on amazingly.  I recommend people take their dogs to'll be so glad you did."

    Caroline Whelan,

  • Testimonials

    -- Brenda Coburn "A year ago I contacted Jo about Ozzie and his anxiety as a pup. I can honestly say without Jo and her fantastic guidance, recommendations and patience (mainly with me!) Ozzie would not have progressed like he has done in a year. He attended the Puppy Foundation Classes and achieved a great understanding of the basics.   He absolutely loves it and his socialisation with other dogs is great. I would highly recommend The Muckyhound crew to any dog owner!"

    Brenda Coburn,

  • Testimonials

    -- Karen Alford "I contacted Jo about 6 months ago for beginner classes for my boxer pup. Since taking part in the group classes he has come on brilliantly, and we had great fun doing them too.  It has been great for him as he is very a social dog now and loves all the play and attention there. If Cooper hears the word "Jo" or "school" he goes nuts with excitement. Keep up the great work!"

    Karen Alford,

  • Testimonials

    -- Kay Welch "Casper is sparked out in front of the fire after another fantastic day with Muckyhound.  He attends one day per week and as a result is a much more sociable dog. This is supported by his attendance at the beginner and intermediate training classes. Bring on the advanced class. What a great change Muckyhounds has made to us all!"

    Kay Welch,

  • Testimonials

    -- Lucinda Nolan "Wish I had the opportunity to take Buster to this great place 11 years ago. He loves it! Great way to socialise dogs."

    Lucinda Nolan,

  • Testimonials

    -- Jacqui Cooney "It's such a pleasure to work with such a professional and wonderful person like Jo.  The fact that Tess yelps with excitement the minute we get there is testament to how mad about Jo she is. I couldn't recommend Muckyhound enough...fantastic service!!!!"

    Jacqui Cooney,

  • Testimonials

    -- Adele Kenna "We've had Chief, our Rottie pup, at Muckyhound for one-on-one training and puppy learn and play.. It's a fantastic facility for anyone who is owned by dogs and I can't recommend them enough. Wishing Jo and all the gang every success"

    Adele Kenna,

  • Testimonials

    -- Brian O'Gorman "Jo has an amazing talent and relationship with both dogs and their humans! I am delighted that my dogs can attend such a professional handler and one who creates a fun and educational environment for my dogs.  Brilliant!"

    Brian O'Gorman,

  • Testimonials

    -- Cora Breen "...When we got Toby we realised that he was a scared dog who had come from a bad place...With the friendly, patient and consistent help from Jo, we turned a scared little puppy into a strong confident and excited to listen dog. And we are all having fun!!! We cannot recommend this service enough it is the most valuable investment you can make with any dog."

    Cora Breen,

  • Testimonials

    -- Ala Dzene "Today was our first day of training. It went fantastic. I already see a progress. I took Tiger for a walk, and he was much better behaved ☺ Thank you Jo for all the help today.Looking forward to the next class!"

    Ala Dzene,
    Dog Owner

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