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Questions we are often asked about our day care and training classes:

What is doggy day care?

Day care allows your dog to play, run, chase balls or just lay around with their friends in a leash free supervised environment.

Day care for dogs works similarly to day care for children. You drop off your dog and they get to play, socialise, snack and nap while you’re off working, shopping or busy running errands.  Then you pick them up at the end of your day.

What are the benefits of doggy day care?

Day care provides all of the activity and socialisation that dogs need to be happy and healthy individuals. Dogs love to interact with other dogs.  They enjoy playing, running, chasing balls or just laying around with their friends.  It also eases your mind knowing your dog is being cared for and entertained in a healthy way while you’re gone

Day care encourages your dog to:

  • Play safely with other dogs in a controlled, indoor setting
  • Expend energy that may cause destructive or unwanted behaviours at home
  • Change demeanour around the house, often becoming more relaxed and well-mannered
  • Be stimulated mentally and physically through active play
  • Help a less social dog become more confident in public

Do you have separate areas for different sized dogs?

Although your little Maltese and Great Dane may be best buddies at home, you certainly wouldn’t want your little guy to be in a play area full of large dogs! The same goes for older dogs. Dogs do best when they are around other dogs similar in size and energy level.

Some small dogs enjoy running with the big dogs but just in case, we have a separate area for the little ones to romp with his/her smaller friends. It is up to your dog if he/she wants to play with the big or small dogs.

Are the dogs left alone when playing?

The dogs are constantly supervised.  Inappropriate play is stopped and good behaviour is rewarded.  They are never left alone.

Do you offer your services to older pets?

Yes! All ages are welcome. Older dogs will be placed in appropriate playgroups or if they like to relax alone they will be placed in the “lounge” where they can rest and nap all day.

Can my young puppy attend day care?

Yes! Early socialisation can contribute greatly to you pup growing into a well balanced and sociable adult. We Have a strict requirement for all puppies to be fully vaccinated, including Kennel Cough. We encourage young pups to start with half day attendance, working up to full day attendance.

Do you have toys for them to play with?

We have tons of toys, balls, and toys they can climb in and on. The idea is to ensure environmental enrichment,  keeping your dog occupied while in our care.  Yes your dog will have other dogs to play with but object play further enhance their day care experience.

If my dog goes potty anywhere he likes at day care will he do this at home?

No! Dogs are very good at learning they can do one behaviour in one location and another behaviour in a different location. If your pet is house-trained at home – he will remain house-trained at home. Your home does not have 30 canine residents with all their attendant odours. Your dog will definitely know the difference between home and day care.

Is your facility clean?

Your dog’s wellbeing while in our care is extremely important to us and for that reason our premises are kept clean at all times. No dog is left unattended during the day so “accidents” are cleaned with a veterinary disinfectant immediately.

A structured daily cleaning schedule is strictly followed. All dog play areas, hallways and dog beds are sanitized nightly. All toys and water containers are washed and sanitised nightly using a veterinary grade disinfectant.

Does your facility accept intact dogs?

Yes both dogs and bitches can attend daycare, the only exception being bitches “in heat”.

Does your facility have breed restrictions?

Muckyhound does not discriminate against any breed or size of dog. Our thorough temperament testing ensures all dogs in our care, regardless of background, are well-rounded and sociable with both humans and other dogs.

What are the risks of day care and what about dog fights?

Minor injuries, such as cuts and scratches, are a natural occurrence when dogs play. Much like children, dogs use their paws and mouths to palpate their world, and these appendages contain claws and teeth.

The inherent risks associated with free dog play are a puncture, a nick in the ear that will bleed scrapes and scratches.  All of these can occur from normal dog play. Upon starting daycare owners will be required to read & sign a consent and waiver for.

What if my dog was involved in a fight?

Whilst every care is taken, dogs will occasionally have a spat, the staff is qualified to observe, assess and minimise the risk of this happening.

When these situations arise, we treat the wound at our facility with antibacterial agents and wraps, if necessary.   If we feel the wound is deep, or is causing discomfort, we will call you or your emergency contact for consult. All Muckyhound daycare assistants hold upto date Canine First Responder Certificates.

What vaccinations does your facility require?

To ensure the health and safety of all dogs in our care, we require the following vaccinations annually:

  • Distemper
  • Parvo
  • Kennel Cough
  • Hepatitis
  • Leptospirosis

If an email address is provided, a friendly reminder will be emailed 30 days prior to expiration.

Will my dog be trained while in the day care?

Although the dogs will not receive any formal training we will train basic manners to ensure that the dogs do not snatch, jump up, and bark unnecessarily etc.  This will be ongoing while they are with us.

For details of our Dog School and other training services click here

Do you offer overnight stays?

No we are a day care centre and have no facilities to offer overnight stays. We have found that friends or family are more likely to look after a dog overnight if the dog is in day care as they are more likely to settle.

How much does Day Care cost?

Please refer to our doggy day care rates page.

Do you offer any discounts for Day Care?

We offer a discount for your 2ns  or 3rd dog (or more!) if they attend in the same day.  We also run a loyalty card scheme which offers discounts for repeat customers.

What dog training services do you offer?

For details of all our  training services click here.


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