Online Registration

Online Registration

Fill in the online registration form by clicking on this link to our online booking system (opens in a new tab)

Please allow a few minutes to create an account and submit some information about your dog. This might take a bit longer, but if you register online, you are guaranteed a place in the class of your choice. If the system does not allow you to register for a particular class, the class may be full already, please choose an alternative date/class. You will receive a confirmation by email if your registration is successful within 1-2 working days.

The online registration will allow you to pay for the chosen course/classes online. We use PayPal – one of most secure online payment system to process your payments, you can pay using your credit card and  you do not require a PayPal account to avail of this facility.

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Dog Training Classes

Group Classes Restrictions:

  • No dogs that show reactive behaviour toward other dogs or humans will be allowed to attend group training classes. Please view our full list of service offerings and please contact us to discuss what alternative we can offer to help.
  • No female dogs in season/heat can attend training sessions. (A season lasts 3 week)
  • Upon registration new trainees will have to present an up to date vaccination certificate to the trainer or copies can be emailed prior to course commencement.
  • Dogs will be on leash at all times except when directed by the trainer to have them off leash.
  • No dogs will be allowed to attend sessions if wearing any of the following: – Choke chains, prong collars or slip leads of any kind, shock/spray collars or any equipment deemed as “punishing” by the trainer.
  • Unvaccinated dogs will not be allowed to participate in group training sessions.
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