Meet the Trainer

Our Dog Training Service offers group training classes – good behaviour foundations and puppy learn & play – and where required, one to one behavioural consultations. 

Muckyhound Dog Training was founded by Jo Malherbe.  As a Canine Behaviour Technician, Jo leads all group classes and the one-to-one private training programs, for more serious unwanted behavioural issues

Jo’s Story:

trainer_snap2Jo resides in Gorey, Co Wexford, Ireland, in a multi-animal household. Her love of dogs began when she was a child as she grew up with dogs as a part of her family. Both her father and her grandfather were involved in professional equine training and practised mostly unheard of and often frowned upon force-free methods from the 1930s.

Jo attended a dog training course as a young adult, where she was exposed to “traditional” punitive training methods. But Jo could never feel comfortable with this approach which lead to her investigating more humane methods. This “hobby” soon became a career through more formal education and training. Jo is a certified Canine Behaviour and Training Technician, a qualification that requires continued education points being achieved each year, ensuring exposure to the most up to date training techniques and scientific research in the field of canine behaviour and training.

Jo has many years of experience in the Adult Training & Education Industry where she has developed the necessary communication skills to effectively impart her methodology and techniques to dog owners; she’ll be teaching you how to work with your dog, so these skills are invaluable! Moreover, Jo draws on many scientifically proven training techniques which are both human and dog friendly.

As a teenager and young adult Jo was exposed to rescue work through her father chairing the local SPCA in South Africa. Her involvement in rescue organisations in Ireland started in 2005 as a volunteer for the NWSPCA.

Jo’s Qualifications:

  • Canine Behaviour and Training Technician
    • CBTT  OCN Level 4 – Train the Dog Trainer Certification
    • FETAC Level 6 – Canine Obedience and Training
  • Certified Canine First Aid Responder
  • Full member of the International Pet Professional Guild
  • Full member of the Association Of Pet Dog Trainers Ireland
  • Lease Reactivity Cause to Cure March 2013 (seminar) In-depth training on lease reactivity
  • Train the Trainer (FETAC Level 6)
  • JEB Teachers Diploma (ICT Skill)
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Psychology)
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