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Group Training Classes & Workshops:

Sometimes knowing simple basic obedience exercises is the factor that determines a happy family life with your four-legged friend. Dogs are very complex creatures, just like us humans. But the way they express their emotions is not always obvious to us, similarly the way we communicate to our dogs are not always very clear to them. Barking, chewing, licking, jumping, aggression to dogs, other animals or human strangers – all these issues can be very difficult to deal with. But what if you knew that these behaviours are caused by underlying emotions, like fear or separation? What if you knew that sometimes very simple and easy to learn (even by children) training techniques can turn things around and that you can have an amazing life with a happy, loving and obedient pet? At Muckyhound we provide education of both dogs and dog owners in various areas, from basic obedience to agility training. As we mention throughout this site, we base our training on positive reinforcement and associated training techniques.

We keep our classes to a maximum amount of 5 dogs, ensuring control and individual attention. Please check out the classes and workshops available below:


Dog Training Classes

Our Good Behaviour Foundation Course provides instruction on how to teach your dog the basic protocols required to live in harmony with humans. Intermediate and Advanced courses build towards more advanced activities.

Muckyhound Dog Training Classes Puppy

These fun sessions are aimed at introducing your puppy to other doggy friends and their families. It provides them with the life skills necessary to cope with the demands of living with human rules and requirements.

Worried About Unwanted Behaviour?


If you are concerned about your dog’s behaviour, for example, resource guarding or separation anxiety, Jo specializes in tailored programs addressing these and numerious other concerning behaviours.  Muckyhound can provide in-house or on site one-on-one training sessions. The result is a considerably happier family dog – and a happier family life too!


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