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Muckyhound is a member of Professional Dog Training Organisations which represent qualified pet industry professionals committed to results based, science based force-free training and pet care.

Are you looking for quality dog training?  Then look no further! Through working with Muckyhound, you, together with your dog, can build on a strong relationship training in a safe and fun environment. So take a minute to browse through our website and then give us a call. We would absolutely love to make things simpler and easier for you, because you and your dog deserve to have a safe, fun and happy life together!

Muckyhound, based in Gorey, Co. Wexford, is headed up by Jo Malherbe, an experienced and highly qualified dog trainer and Behaviour Technician. At Muckyhound we base our dog training and behaviour programs on scientific training theories, with positive reinforcement forming the foundation of all our work.

We pursue one simple goal: to show and teach dog owners how to get the very best from their dogs.  A trained family dog is a pleasure to be around which makes it easy to enjoy a happy, exciting and loving life together.

We believe that dog training should be entertaining for both dog and owner. We use effective reward based training tailored to all family members, whatever the age or physical ability.  No matter how old your dog is we have the right solution – be it puppy, adolescent, adult or a senior.

Muckyhound Dog Training covers a variety of areas from teaching puppy life skills to foundation training for  adolescent and adult dogs.  Foundation training is instruction on how to teach your dog the basics required to live in harmony with you, your family and other humans.  We offer One-to-One@Home training programs covering these essential foundation skills.  Good Behaviour group training is also available.

Worried about unwanted behaviours?   If you’re concerned about your dog’s behaviour, for example resource guarding or separation anxiety, Muckyhound Dog Training specialises in one-to-one@home programs to address these and other concerning behaviours.  The length of the program is dependent on the severity and type of problem being dealt with.  Read more here

Give your puppy the best chance in life! Muckyhound Dog Training offers fun Puppy Life Skills One-to-One@Home training programs for you and your puppy.  Puppy Life Skills is instruction on how to teach your puppy to cope with the demands of living with human rules and requirements.  Puppy Learn & Play group sessions are also available.

  • Testimonials

    -- Sinead Cooper “Well what can i say!?  Jo is absolutely amazing at what she does.  We had a 15 wk old bull breed cross that was very boisterous & bouncy when Jo came to us.  Jo gave the kids confidence & techniques to use when Maggie was too playful.  My girls & Maggie are now best friends & Maggie has learned some much.  The service Jo provides is fantastic & to be honest, should be made compulsory for all new puppy owners.  5 Stars”

    Sinead Cooper,

  • Testimonials

    -- Deirdre Murphy   “My beautiful Rosie is a nervous rescue dog.   When we were out for a walk, 3 off lead dogs set on her.  We were both left terrified by the whole experience and she became very reactive to other dogs.  Then we met Jo, the greatest and most patient dog (and human) trainer in the world.  After a few sessions with Jo Rosie is a different dog.  I cannot recommend Jo highly enough.  We are very grateful to her for making such a positive change in our lives.  THANK YOU JO”

    Deirdre Murphy,

  • Testimonials

    -- Mary O'Neill "In June last year I was asking you (Muckyhound) if you could help find new home for Rince as I felt I could no longer cope.  Thanks again as mainly due to you I now have an adorable puppy, a best friend who is truly a part of our family."

    Mary O'Neill,

  • Testimonials

    -- Adele Kenna “Chief (Rottweiler) and I have had a one-on-one session and attended puppy learn and play.  I can't begin to tell you how much we have both gained from this experience. He is already the sweetest, most well-behaved and social puppy thanks to all the advice and training we have received at Muckyhound.  I'll be recommending you to everyone I know.”

    Adele Kenna,

  • Testimonials

    -- Alys Colclough “So, we have a one year old black lab Jessy, who is scared of everything and subsequently started barking and growling at everybody new who comes to our house.  Then Jo arrived and with a lot of patience and easy to follow guidance we learned the tools to help Jessy cope with new situations and us too (not freaking out ourselves when knowing that people are about to arrive). A few weeks in and Jessy is like a different dog now... - a lot better than before and loves her sessions with Jo.  Now we are moving on to agility and obedience training which she loved this morning, followed by a big nap afterwards. We are all delighted to have found Jo 'the dog whisperer', who is just so passionate about her doggies and always has time to spare for our 14 year old choccie lab too.”

    Alys Colclough,

  • Testimonials

    -- Brenda Coburn "A year ago I contacted Jo about Ozzie and his anxiety as a pup. I can honestly say without Jo and her fantastic guidance, recommendations and patience (mainly with me!) Ozzie would not have progressed like he has done in a year. He attended the Puppy Foundation Classes and achieved a great understanding of the basics.  I would highly recommend Muckyhound to any dog owner!"

    Brenda Coburn,

  • Testimonials

    -- Richard Mulholland  "When we rescued our boy Dilly, he was nervous, shy and scared of everything. With Jo's help, he has come out of his shell and is like a different dog. I can't recommend her enough."

    Richard Mulholland,

  • Testimonials

    -- Paul Martin "I have to say Jo was amazing with Gibson and helped him so much over the sessions.  Jo explains everything so well and it’s easy to understand why Gibson is behaving how he is and how to deal with these behaviours.  Jo is simply amazing."

    Paul Martin,

  • Testimonials

    -- Stephanie Wright "Wonderful way with dogs. I get comments on how well behaved Star is.  It's not by accident."

    Stephanie Wright,

  • Testimonials

    -- Vittoria Filloramo "Jo has been outstanding in helping me with Brando who, in his old days, displayed resource guarding behavior by being very protective of our family.   Jo is so passionate and easy to follow during her training.  Brando has now learnt how to calm down and control his behavior.  Thank you so much Jo you are the ''dog whisperer''.  I am so glad to have found Jo and I highly recommend her to anyone with a canine friend."

    Vittoria Filloramo,

  • Testimonials

    -- Cora Breen "When we got Toby we realised that he was a scared dog who had come from a bad place...With the friendly, patient and consistent help from Jo, we turned a scared little puppy into a strong confident and excited to listen dog; and we are all having fun! We cannot recommend this service enough it is the most valuable investment you can make with any dog."

    Cora Breen,