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Jun, 2016

Keep your dog safe this summer

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We are all delighted with the current change in the weather. It is warm, sunny and it is not raining, which makes a change for us here in Ireland.  But how do this change in the weather affect our dogs and what do we need to do to keep your dog safe. Of cause common sense will guide us, but as we are not always aware of certain situation during which the heat may affect our four legged friends I am going to share some scenarios to avoid and also give […]



Jul, 2015

Food Enrichment – Change Your Dogs Life.

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“Food Enrichment can change your dogs life. Move away from the bowl and let them work for their food – Let them be dogs.” Jo Malherbe, Muckyhound Dog Training. Left in the wild canids (dogs) spend a large portion of their time in the act of finding and securing food; this is their purpose. Over the last 100 000 years, through domestication we have selectively bred dogs for specific purposes for which they have a natural predisposition, such as herding, resource and guarding duties.  In their more recent history our dog’s […]