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Jul, 2020

The Value of a Strong Sit – Stay

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Sit is one of the first basic manners we teach our dogs.  But why do we ask our dogs to sit?  What’s the purpose?  Well, the answer is there are many reasons for asking our dogs for a sit.  Some of these are: Sitting dogs don’t jump. It’s the building block of good greeting manners. It’s the building block good door manners. It’s the building block good food manners, and It’s the building block to settle behaviour Frequently I ask clients the question “Why does your dog need to sit […]



Jun, 2020

Using Distractions to Your Advantage

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There are several key factors that contribute to successful training, the first being CONSISTENCY. Consistency is crucial, not just in training session but also in the language used when we ask our dogs for behaviours outside of training sessions.  In other words, asking your dog for behaviours using the exact cue or instruction you use during training.  Consistent language will increase the probability of a successful outcome and lead to a stronger bond between you and your dog. The second key factor is MANAGING your EXPECTATIONS. Often our expectation is […]



May, 2020

Canine Obesity – Watch Your Dogs Waistline

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We are currently living in the age of the Covid-19 Pandemic, affecting the entire world, a scary and unknown phenomena that will surely bring with it a new “normal”.   There is however another international epidemic we should sit up and take notice of, Pet Dog Obesity.  According to a paper published by Alexander J. German obesity is now recognised as the most important medical disease in pets worldwide. In a blog posting written for Allianz, Pete Wedderburn (Pete the Vet) states that “around one-third of all pets are too fat”, […]



Jun, 2016

Why does my dog behave like this?

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We’ve all heard that socialising our new puppy is important… but what does ‘socialisation’ really mean?   When is the best time to start and how do to go about it?  We will be discussing the what’s and the how’s, but before we do that let us have a look at the when you should start.  During the dog’s different developmental stages, the pup requires different types of exposure to grow into a fully confident, healthy adult dog.  However for the purposes of this piece we will focus on the Socialisation […]



Jun, 2016

Keep your dog safe this summer

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We are all delighted with the current change in the weather. It is warm, sunny and it is not raining, which makes a change for us here in Ireland.  But how do this change in the weather affect our dogs and what do we need to do to keep your dog safe. Of cause common sense will guide us, but as we are not always aware of certain situation during which the heat may affect our four legged friends I am going to share some scenarios to avoid and also give […]