Puppy Learn & Play Training

Puppy Learn & Play Group Classes

These fun sessions are aimed at introducing your puppy to other doggy friends and providing them with the life skills necessary to cope with the demands of living with human rules and requirements.  The syllabus is designed to educate the ‘humans’ on how to work with their puppy to develop balanced behaviour; all puppies and new puppy families need to learn a new vocabulary.  More difficult behaviours will be introduced gradually with homework to be completed after each session.

Fun off-lead play sessions with the other puppies are part of every class.

The following behaviours are covered in our puppy training classes:

  • Sit, Stay
  • Down, Stay
  • Addressing wait behaviour in real life situations
  • Focus Work (Look) for use in stressful situations
  • Leave it – Working on household objects your puppy loves to ‘steal’
  • Leash walking basics
  • Recall foundations

We address problem behaviours such as jumping up, house training and play biting. Play sessions with the other puppies are part of each class. During these play sessions the puppies will be monitored and ‘unsocial’ behaviours stopped.

This is a 5 week course

Runs Saturdays

Price: €135.00

Please read the class admission restrictions below

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Admission Restrictions:

  • Group size is limited to 6 families
  • We encourage all family members to attend
  • Puppies must start before reaching 18 weeks of age, for older dogs training check out our Good Behaviour Courses
  • Where possible we add an extra session, with no additional cost. This extra session takes the form of a puppy party at the Gorey Veterinary Clinic. The aim is for puppies to experience a positive experience in a surgery.
  • Puppies must have had their second set of vaccinations.
  • Pups should not have any infectious ailments such as Kennel Cough or conjunctivitis.
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